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[_] GeForce 6800

Richard Davey rich at
Thu Jun 10 12:35:21 BST 2004


For the gamers among you:

Received my GeForce 6800 card yesterday (cheers Nvidia!) and promptly
swapped out my GeForce FX for it. First thing I noticed was that the
design is far better, it doesn't take up 2 slots in the case anymore,
but the fan is far more effective and it's got a cool heatsink. It's
quite noisy though, but I nearly always work with music on anyway so I
don't care about that

I wanted to try out some of the new Nvidia tech demos on it, but all
you can download from their web site are videos - pah! So I gave Fry
Cry a bash and it blew it away - ansiotropic filtering, full-screen
anti-aliasing, a monster resolution and detail set to high for
everything and the game still rocked along (avg. 55 to 70 fps
depending on indoor/outdoor). Quite impressive stuff.

Then I checked out the new demo of Joint Ops (the only on-line game I
play), it was released only last night and is built from the final
release code - wow, superb stuff! I played solidly for 4 hours with
detail set to high for everything, all shadows on, a nice high crisp
resolution, anti-aliasing at x4 and all particle effects on. Remember
this is an on-line game, most of the time those kind of features lag
you into hell and back - but I came in the top 4 on every game I
played and there was no slow-down once the data had loaded. Sniping
from 700m away across the volcano map, hidden in grass and foliage, as
attack choppers strafe the land and things explode all around is just
an awesome experience.

I know that if I had a better motherboard it'd be even faster - I only
have an AGP x4 slot, but a x8 would double the bandwidth available to
the card - and a PCI express slot would double that again. But for
now, I can live with it

Best regards,

Richard 'HALOfourteen kills you with a headshot' Davey
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