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[_] Hey you dirty geeks...

Jan Grant Jan.Grant at
Fri Jul 9 14:28:11 BST 2004

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, blue rocket wrote:

> Cheers Fairygodfather Ed,
> Just last night I was thinking how I could do with some more sporty clothes
> for class. Wey hey, now a new pair of sports trousers on the way for £7.
> you star!
> cheers
> Rachel

Is it only me, or is anyone else's spidersense tingling about this? It
does seem like taking advantage of what might very well be a cockup. Are
we all such the product of a Thatcherite "there's no such thing as
society" era as to bankrupt an honest trader?

It's not like you're taking money out of Adidas' globalised
sweatshopping pockets, after all.

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