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[_] iTunes for Windows

Jon Fisher jon.fisher at
Fri Oct 17 12:10:42 BST 2003

> You can't buy music outside of the US, the interface is clunky and it
> skips if you run too many other programs.

Runs fine on my PC at home the only difference I can tell between the
Mac and Windows version (apart from the slightly nasty condensed type
that windows renders) is that the visualisations aren't as smooth - can
only get a max of 30 FPS... As for skipping if you run too many other
programs - never managed to get it to do that - but I haven't really
used it that much yet - and I've had WMP winAmp et all skip before

As for the interface being clunky, ahem, have you ever used WMP or

This gives you so much more flexibility over the way you listen to your
music - it's far far better than any other PC jukebox IMHO - plus
simple sharing, and shortly a simple way to buy music - all the preview
functions work already anyway...

Say what you like about Macs vs PCs but there is _no_ doubt that this
is by far the best music player out there, regardless of platform...

> I'm about to uninstall it...

Your call :)