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[_] Re: Question for the panel on Processors

Ade Stuart Ade.Stuart at
Wed Oct 8 13:18:53 BST 2003

PM> Thanks Ade -

>>...And another draw back was the plasticky coating they had put outside of the laptop...ewww!.

PM> Why can't some enterprising PC manufacturer knock out a Mac ripoff - lurve those metal cases.

>>...but only had a P4 1.6 processor....
>>_Only_ a 1.6??

<grin>Was the biggest one that these guys were selling manufactured by Toshiba.

>>Am I missing something?
>>But Centrino has nothing to do with CPUs. It is the Intel wireless

It has something to do with the CPU to the effect that the overall implementaion of the technology is designed to run the CPU at the same speed but using less power to do so, this
will in effect allow better battery life and hence longer usability.

".....Intel Centrino mobile technology also features advanced instruction prediction to eliminate CPU process replication, and second-generation Streaming SIMD Extensions (Streaming SIMD Extensions 2) with instructions integrated into the software to enhance performance....