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Matt Hamilton matth at
Fri Mar 14 09:39:00 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 09:26, Rick Hurst wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> cheers for the rss feed - but a slight problem in that the ASP based rss reader I use wont load anything with a .rss file extension - seems that M$ XMLHTTP wont have it :-(
> I can't think of a way round it at this end, i've tried redirects and stuff, and I dont want to inconvenience anyone who may already be using the .rss file, so any chance that you could put a one line file with a .xml extension alongside the feed which consists of <!--#include file="underscore.rss" --> or something to that effect?

I have now added a symlink to the file, so you access it now via either:

I've sent this to the list for the benefit of others in a similar
situation.  Fraser has already asked me if it would be possible to add
the sender of the message to the RSS title of the article, if anyone
else thinks thats useful I will try to add it when I get a moment (or
any perl-heads with a minute free can volunteer to do it for me!)


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