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[_] Flashorama - New Macromedia Site

Liz liz at
Thu Mar 6 18:05:01 GMT 2003

Thursday, March 6, 2003, 5:42:11 PM, Steve wrote:

SE> Has anyone been to the Macromedia site today? I'm all for a bit of Flash 
SE> now and again but this...

I think it looks nice but, as you say, unless you're on high speed DSL
with nothing better todo, its not a very good advert IMHO for flash! I
have  a DSL link but its on satelilte so its a bit slow to connect but
once  its  there  its normally fast, but this just seemed like someone
proving something could be done rather than a good company website.

Sorry  Macromedia,  I love your products, I should get more into flash
but  I  have the artistic talent of a squashed frog so it always looks
like a 5yr old did it, but, Id like to think, it would turn out better
than that.. in terms of usability anyway...

Best regards,
 Liz (mailto:liz at