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[_] HTML status reports

Matt Hamilton matth at
Thu Mar 6 17:31:01 GMT 2003

Dear All,
  I am trying to do some quite complex server-side processing on
submitting of a form.  I want to somehow report the status as the script
progresses.  I can send the output unbuffered, but I think the apache
cache in front of the application server (Zope) is buffering everything
before sending it to the client.  I seem to remember somewhere a way to
send a MIME multipart response back such that you could send multiple
bits of HTML back in a single go... but I can't find anything anywhere
about it on the net.  Does this sound familier to anyone?  IIRC you just
needed to set the content type in the HTTP response to one of the
multipart types and send a MIME boundary between each section.


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