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[_] Car clamping/towing

rick hurst rick_starskiweb_on_underscore at
Wed Mar 5 15:05:01 GMT 2003

 --- Matt Hamilton <matth at> wrote: 

> I headed back home at noon with 4 guys to bounc the
> car out of the way,
> but it had gone.   So I drove off and when I got
> back an hour later, the
> Fu%ker had parked back again!

ideal use for a webcam - someone here has a webcam
trained on his drive in Cardiff for that purpose.

It's a common thing - people pick out the driveways of
what they think are single commuters who are somewhere
else 9 - 5, if they get it right it could go on
unnoticed for months...

I would have thought that a simple "unauthorised
vehicles will be clamped notice/sign" should make him
move to another driveway, without resorting to
violence - remember he knows where you live, not the
other way round ;-)


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