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[_] Nice bit of agency flash work

Tim Brayshaw tim at
Mon Mar 31 23:01:01 BST 2003

On Monday, Mar 31, 2003, at 20:29 Europe/London, Alexander Reid wrote:

> WARNING: this contains traces of flash
> I'm not going to give a strong opinion on this apart from to say that
> this is cool:
> I'm not going to go into accessibility arguments, but just wanted to
> say
> I find it well executed (for its chosen medium), pretty, and fun to
> navigate.

picture the creative director:

we want a pop up panel thing here that goes "whoosh whoosh". And when
we "close it" i want it to go "boop".

cut to carhaart-clad agency junior:

/thinks: i might be able to use some of the cutting-edge industrial
photography i took on the way to my interview.

it's been done "quite well", (apart from the flash detect script), but
I found it a little soul-less.