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[_] website flash competition

Chris Dawson chris at
Thu Mar 27 22:03:00 GMT 2003

a couple of months ago i launched a competition on a client's website. it
involves visitors completing a flash puzzle and then filling in a couple of
fields. when they press send it then emails me the details they've filled

it uses a pretty standard formmail script (getURL from within flash passes
it the variables).

now, this has been going along quite nicely for a few weeks averaging 1 or 2
entries per day.

now today i get 9 entries within half an hour. all different email addresses
and names. the emails look legit but i'm a little suspicious.

what is the likelihood of foul play here? the prize is only worth £30. would
someone really go to the trouble of setting up some sort of script for such
a small prize?

second question: if the stakes were higher what would be the best way of
stopping people cheating? i can put hidden dynamic variables in the flash
movie which might help. any other ideas? i know SWFs can be broken into but
does anyone have any idea how often this happens?