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[_] Second Hand Laptop/Desktop?

Dave dave.abraham at
Thu Mar 27 15:53:00 GMT 2003

I have a P3800 desktop set-up with everything (including 17inch monitor cd ,
printer etc) if you want more info drop me a mail. It is not much of an
upgrade but If you are replacing because of hardware problems then maybe it
will interest you.

> My old PIII-700 laptop seems to be giving up the ghost, so I'm in the
> market for a new(ish) replacement.
> I don't need anything hugely fast, just reliable and *cheap*. Before I go
> trawling for bargains, is anyone getting rid of something that fits the
> following?
> PC - W2K (all my software is PC based)
> Big name manufacturer
> Laptop (preferably)
> Faster than 700mhz
> USB(2?) and Bluetooth compatible
> Dual PC-Card slots
> Cheers,
> Jonathan Hadley
> Aardman Animations
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