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Nick Ingram n.ingram at
Wed Mar 26 15:34:01 GMT 2003

I think you can *borrow* copies from Kazaalite.

What is it now 1.4, 1.5? Ages since I played 1.2/1.3 I tink. Agreed that it
is the ultimate game-play game (Graphics are not great though)

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Hello Dave,

Wednesday, March 26, 2003, 3:15:30 PM, you wrote:

>> Um, I never said I was in. I've never played bf or cs in my life :(
>> Have fun though...

D> Pussy! I see you there Seth!!

I nearly went on a rant to convince non believers to play then realised they
would need to buy a copy of the game. :P

Besides it's sooo hard learning a new game, all those new weapon timings...
but the Tanks guys remember the Tanks!!! :D

/me remembers how good the tanks are

No one has road to Rome then. :P

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