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[_] mac technical question

Chris Dawson chris at
Fri Mar 21 12:16:16 GMT 2003

thanks for the offer, but here's my problem...
the reason i'm backing up all this data is so that i can upgrade my
fileserver firmware so that OSX can access the data on it!

i'm then planning on migrating my G4 to OSX but i can't do this until i can
access my fileserver...

i think i'll be ok. i've got most stuff backed up and the rest i'm going to
bung on my windows machine now.


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> --On Friday, March 21, 2003 11:10 +0000 Chris Dawson <chris at>
> wrote:
>> i've been trying that but it still crashes randomly, sometimes even if i'm
>> only copying about 500mb at a time...
> I know this will be no consolation to you whatsoever, but I've moved
> gigabytes of data on and off our Maxtor external Firewires plenty of times,
> but using OSX.
> if you want to bring the drive over here for testing, just drop me a line -
> we're in Long Ashton, and will be about most of the weekend.
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