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Iain Harrison underscore at
Thu Mar 20 22:24:00 GMT 2003

On Thursday, March 20, 2003 9:58:03 PM Dave wrote:

>> Your choice. They're more expensive and not as good, but then they
>> probably make more profit out of it than we do!

> Who is we? Do you have a link to a price list etc?

We is Hairydog Ltd, and no, there is no published price list. For a
small, low traffic web site, it's £25 per year, for a busier one it's
£50 per year. Registration is £10 per 2 years (renewals £12) All plus
VAT, of course.

We is also reading too much BFG to our chiddlers!

Seriously, we have the server space for our web site design and
development customers, but also offer (but don't advertise) hosting to
other people, partly in the hope that they'll want us to do them a web
site some time, and partly to keep a nice wide client base, which
helps keep IR35 at bay.


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