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Christine Tlougan kat at
Thu Mar 20 18:36:01 GMT 2003

>Anyone who has worked today, PLEASE be grateful you only have to put
>up with it in the evenings...
>The media coverage of the war is abysmal.
>They know nothing, but it seems for the last 10 hours (eg how long Ive
>been awake cant comment on more) at least 1 (preferably 2-4) have been
>droning on about the war.

I know... I was going to end my cable tv service after this friday (series
finale of Farscape and season finale of Stargate:SG1) for financial
reasons, but now I'm going to keep scraping together the pennies to keep it
for a while longer.

That way I'll have something to watch other than All War All the Time on
Every Broadcast Channel! - which seems to be 5 minutes of new information
per 12 hours, with the other 11:55 being repeats.


Can't say the papers are any better, especially when they keep coming up
with headlines like this: "White House warns America that lives will be
lost". (Gee, ya think??)

On the bright side, South Park started a new season last night, with the
show on at the same time as Shrub's press conference. The perfect distraction!

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