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[_] How can I hide myself at night?

Fraser Stephens fraser at
Wed Mar 19 16:53:01 GMT 2003

>A lovely little tip from the KisMac help... try it, it works.

Thanks Pete - I don't know how we survived without that one! My
favourite is the way you can zoom the screen in so far that the mouse
pointer fills the screen completely. Hold down Command + Option +
Equals for those who *really* have bad eyesight!

And Jane in my office does not believe that my computer listens to
me... trouble is the only time it actually responded was when she was
not in the room, so she (quite rightly) now thinks I'm bonkers.


>How can I hide myself at night?
>Who does not know the scenario? You sit in front of a building at
>night, and everybody can see, that you have a laptop. Fortunatly
>Apple took care of it. Just press Control+Alt+Apple+the star on the
>num pad. It will switch your display into grayscale and invert it.

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