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mike karthauser mikek at
Wed Mar 19 11:38:00 GMT 2003

on 19/3/03 11:18 am, mac jordan at mac at wrote:

> anyone here ever done an AvantGo channel? I'm trying to quote for one to a
> potential new client, but their site isn't easy to fathom ...

Yep we have.

Terms of Use: The Custom Channel feature is intended for personal,
non-commercial use. Use of the Custom Channel feature is subject to
AvantGo's approval. AvantGo reserves, and has the right under its Terms of
Use, to restrict / grant access to any user submitted channel with or
without notice. See our Custom Channel Policy for details.
If you are interested in using the Custom Channel function to distribute
content, please submit a contact form to have a sales representative contact

About custom channels:


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