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[_] Ftping nightmare

Iain Harrison underscore at
Mon Mar 17 12:07:10 GMT 2003

On Monday, March 17, 2003 11:09:59 AM mac wrote:

> total bollox, as usual.

A very interesting and enlightening comment.

> I use windows, mac and unix every single day, so
> at least I'm vaguely qualified to give an opinion on their relative merits.

Now, I can't see how that can possibly be relevant dto me experience
of using the same hardware platofrms.

You find that the Mac is OK for you. I don't didpute that, or have a
problem with that.

I find that it is not OK for me, and when I say so, your response is rude and
unpleasant. Is using Macs what gives you your attitude, or were you
like that beforehand?

The reality is that the Mac has always been a minority platform, and
it is being more so as time goes on. I think that's a pity, because
Wintel needs some competition, and Apple was the obvious candidate.
But they blew it, more than once.

What does not make sense is the fervour that Mac zealots bring to the
discussion. Do you feel the same about Betamax video recorders?


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