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[_] Ftping nightmare

Liz liz at
Sun Mar 16 14:53:01 GMT 2003

Sunday, March 16, 2003, 12:58:35 PM, Richard wrote:

R> I¹m trying to publish a site asap can anyone help
R> I¹ve built it in dreamweaver4 connected and added the correct route folders
R> so on, only as soon as I Œput¹ the file on to the remote server ‹ an ftp
R> error occurred cannot put file index.html -- error 550 requested action not
R> taken blah. I¹ve tried it with a test page also - nothing! I really don¹t
R> want to slip him a zip!

is there any chance the files on the server are read only? or that you
need to tell it to use the passive ftp?

DW's FTP client is not the best but it should work if FTP is possible
then it can do it assuming you tell it all the things it needs to

Best regards,
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