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Subject: Re: [_] Contracter (sic) Vacancies

Neil Smith neil at
Thu Jun 26 17:07:00 BST 2003

I think Wendy missed off the 'regular free beer, coffee and toast' which
was certainly an incentive (for me at least). Anyway - nice bunch to work
for, and they still have pool & table football in the kitchen AFAIK, so
there's some benefits.

Pity about the bogus stock options tho.


Cheers - Neil.

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>Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 12:37:25 +0100
>From: Robin Macharg <rmacharg at>
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>Subject: Re: [_] Contracter Vacancies
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>But we don't work at Sift for the money. We do it for the love (and the=20
>5th floor views). At least that was what they said at the interview... ;=
>Dave wrote:
> >>>my husband is a Perl developer, and his response to =A3480 was "fsck r=
> >>>off" (well, almost).
> >>> =20
> >>>
> >
> >That was my response to the =A3325 for HTML (we pay our first line suppo=
>rt guys more than that!).