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Thu Jun 26 08:57:00 BST 2003

--On Thursday, June 26, 2003 8:47 +0100 Iain Harrison
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> for the past six years I've worked from home, usually visiting the office
> at most once a week.

sadly, there are very few employers who will let their staff home-work.
Pete contracts at A Big Telephone company, and has done for some time.
They're in Swindon, 1.25 hours away from where he lives, and initially he
commuted five days a week, then eventually he refused to renew unless they
allowed him to work from home.

eventually (after 9 months, while he worked at Virgin Mobile) they gave in,
and allowed him to spend just one day a week in the office. But when the
contract market got difficult, they upped that to two days a week, with a
"take it or leave it" attitude. They know and accept they get more work
out of him when he's at home, but his manager just likes to have him there
- it's bloody ridiculous.

me, I've worked at home (for myself) for four years, and would *hate* to go
back to an office, with all that implies - the commuting, the politics, the
team-building exercises [shudder] - but very few people have the choice,

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