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[_] Another shameless plug

Claire Hickman claire at
Tue Jun 24 13:51:00 BST 2003

Dear [_]

You may or may not know that on 3rd and 4th July a new media exhibition
called Submerge is happening at the watershed. For anyone who doesn't
know what Submerge is here's the official spiel.... Ahem

"Submerge is the digital showcase for the emerging talent in the South
West and brings you an impressive selection of linear and interactive
creativity and innovation."

For the event to be a success lots of people need to come down look at
the work on display talk to the exhibitors and generally just get

I am sending out tickets at the end of this week so if you are
interested in attending either of the evenings events go and register on
the Submerge website.

Did I mention free* booze

Or that it will be opened by Roni Size? <pathetic namedropper that I am>

Sorry........ I'll leave now

Claire "register now for free entry" Hickman