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[_] ICT?!?

Oliver Humpage oliver at
Fri Jun 20 17:49:01 BST 2003

on 20/6/03 5:42 pm, Jon Hadley at jon.hadley at wrote:

> underscore at writes:
>> ICT Co-ordinator, Watershed Media Centre -- +44 (0)117 9276444
> When did IT become ICT? And why wasn't I informed? ;P

Dunno guv. But I've been an 'ICT' something since I arrived here 3 years
ago. I think the idea is that IT is all about facilitating Communication,
hence the addition of the C.

Or, as one person once said when I told them what it stood for, "Oh, well,
if I ever need any help informing or communicating, I'll let you know..."



Oliver Humpage
ICT Co-ordinator, Watershed Media Centre -- +44 (0)117 9276444

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