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[_] Re: After a HUB, or HUB advice (inexperienced Hubber!)

Seth sethb at
Fri Jun 20 14:10:01 BST 2003

Hello Oliver,

Friday, June 20, 2003, 2:01:52 PM, you wrote:
OH> Sounds like Blueyonder to me. The only thing I've seen them do is hijack
OH> port 80 to feed you through their proxy servers.

OH> Otherwise, no NAT, and the cable modem has plain ethernet into it. And
OH> because my router is plugged in 24hr/day, it's always there to renew the
OH> DHCP lease, so I've had the same IP for nearly a year now.

I had mine for nearly a year, but when BY went down for about 3 hours
last week end I lost my IP and got leased a totaaly new one. :P

I think you can pay them extra for a fixed IP though.. may be.

Best regards,
Seth mailto:sethb at