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[_] new media flash work.... all dried up?

Dave White dave.white at
Thu Jun 19 11:24:01 BST 2003

Whos deciding if flash is good or bad, you, or your clients.
The customer is always right....


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>I'm fishing for opinion - what do you think? The majority here just don't
>like using Flash but always admire tip-top quality output.

Used in the right place it's great (presentational sites or elements, such
as the banner on the bbc site). Used in the wrong place its shite (data
driven sites etc).

And despite what anyone tells you, Flash has nowhere near 90% coverage.
I'd say more like 60-70%.

As far as Flash design work goes. When we need it, we will hire top-notch
designers. But in the meantime our internal systems are much better
serviced by hiring ASP/SQL bods.

Guess who's going through the same design arguments right this minute ;)

*Lights fuse and runs*

Jonathan Hadley

Aardman Animations

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