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[_] [fs] G3 desktop & SCSI bits for sale

The North create at
Wed Jun 18 13:12:00 BST 2003

Hi all,

Much loved G3 desktop seeks new home...

- 266mhz CPU, 224 Mb RAM, 10 GB HD, onboard SCSI, serial ports etc.
etc. Most amazing keyboard and mouse ever made - Apple ADB extended &
ADB mouse.

- 4x2x6 Yamaha external SCSI CD-RW, goes like a tank, absolutely
bulletproof, unfortunately redundant since 2 different people gave us
CD-R drives for free!!
- 3Gb Lacie SCSI external HD, ditto built like military equipment.
various SCSI cables, apple serial to PC modem cable (very very useful
given the price of Mac specific modems), 14" monitor, OS 9.2 installed,
various software

It's a classic, reliable, suprisingly quick given nominal CPU speed,
great for an MP3 player, fileserver, running old SCSI bits, student to
get through a UWE degree etc. Just a bit redundant & looking for a
good home...



the North


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