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[_] Re: Secondhand CF Cards

Fraser Stephens fraser at
Wed Jun 18 08:33:00 BST 2003

>On Tuesday, June 17, 2003 11:39:51 AM Fraser wrote:
>> ...but is it worth the hassle of buying from Scan, the only online
>> retailer with a worst reputation than Dabs?
>They have been improving of late, whereas Dabs have gone the other way.
>Worth checking novatech, crucial and (if you aren't in a hurry) 7dayshop

I just took the advice and bought a 256Mb CF card from Crucial - not
that much more than the alternatives, and Crucial has always given me
great service in the past. Let that be a lesson to Dabs et al.


(I was going to get a 512Mb card, but the price/byte is the same, and
when travelling it is often better to have multiple smaller cards so
if the camera is nicked you don't lose all your photos)
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