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[_] This is almost beyond belief

Liz liz at
Wed Jun 18 08:11:00 BST 2003

Wednesday, June 18, 2003, 7:56:49 AM, Rick wrote:

RH> Nick Ingram wrote:

RH> Agreed, in my country hick yoof I had more run ins with packs of Pikey
RH> dogs than I did with Pikeys, and they weren't after my fairy liquid
RH> bottle. I once cycled the full length of an orchard on my BMX with a
RH> rottweiler cross (as in cross-bred and very cross) puppy attached to my
RH> foot by its jaw, praying that mummy rottweiler didn't break free from
RH> the apple tree she was chained to.....

OUCH! That wouldnt have been fun for you or the pup and mum.. well she
wouldnt have enjoyed watching her bundle of fluff be dragged ... oh
that could have been so nasty in so many ways..

RH> Pete, you're gonna have to free up that couch again.....

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