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[_] Resolution resolution needed

Iain Harrison underscore at
Mon Jun 9 16:11:01 BST 2003

On Monday, June 9, 2003 3:48:45 PM Ed wrote:

> Because the option to have any screen size is a degredation of the
> presentation.

In your opinion. Any user who
thinks differently is wrong, eh?

> I cannot stress any clearer that people have problems reading off the
> screen, when you allow your line lengths to go over 6 words a line
> this diminished even further.

Well, that's very nice. Teaching granny
to suck eggs is best performed
when you know about egg-sucking.

Six words a line, eh?

Just to please you I'll format
my reply like that.

> As a designer I am trying to represent the content
> authors information as best as possible.

Really? In whose opinion? Yours?

> Whilst I take into account every
> comment by the user, the person that is paying to provide that information is ultimately the author.

You think so? Do you only design
for vanity publications, then?

Everything else is eventually paid for
by the user, not by the
author or the designer.

How many users do you design
for, BTW? I notice the lack of

> And anyway... look at every major news site... fixed width is the best way
> to present your information. Wired are just trying to be cool...

No, they do it that way because
they can't do it properly within
the constraints of their abilities and
their CMS.

Sorry [_]ers. I'll not use such
stupidly short lines in future.


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