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[_] Resolution resolution needed

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Mon Jun 9 15:47:05 BST 2003

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> On Monday, June 9, 2003 2:49:23 PM Ed wrote:
> > thats rubbish.
> You may think so. I don't agree.
> > designers are always considering the usability of a page but there is
> > nothing wrong with aiming to position perfectly. If you create your

> > structure correctly and use css to layout your site you can upgrade the
> > layout at any time in the future when needs change.
> You are completely missing the point. How about people who use larger

CSS design can allow for this, whilst I said I want complete control over
the layout that doesn't mean I can't accommodate different needs... infact
that is the beauty of CSS design.

> > So you may want to go for a fixed width at 800x600 now but you will

> > be able to upgrade that to 1024 when this becomes the norm.
> Twaddle. If the page has been "designed" to only work at one size,
"upgrading" will take some effort.

again rusbbish. I can create a design that is 750 pixels wide with a 4
column grid in css, I can change the overall size, add columns and do any
number of things that would be a pain to do with a traditionally design
site. If you design the site with this kinda of extendability in mind then
it won't be difficult to do this.

> > I wantg to know how my message is being conveyed so I want total
>control and with careful design and codeing you can now achieve that.
> No, you can't. If you think you can, you are fooling yourself, or are
serving .gif or .pdf files.

Yes I can and I am thankyou very much.

> > I find that flexible designs suffer from readability problems, Wired in
> > particular... when ever I use it I have to shrink my browser....
> So what? You have the choice of doing just that. Why do you seek to deny
other users a choice?

Because the option to have any screen size is a degredation of the

I cannot stress any clearer that people have problems reading off the
screen, when you allow your line lengths to go over 6 words a line this
diminished even further. As a designer I am trying to represent the content
authors information as best as possible. Whilst I take into account every
comment by the user, the person that is paying to provide that information
is ultimately the author.

And anyway... look at every major news site... fixed width is the best way
to present your information. Wired are just trying to be cool...

If you want to see totally cutting edge css and DHTL look at this.

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