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mr wyse wyse99 at
Thu Jun 5 18:25:01 BST 2003

i think there just isn't the work anymore - and what there is is at low, low prices. i think that the words 'web designer' in particular must be the kiss of death for employment at the moment. i'd be interested to know if anyone here has managed to successfully 're-brand' themselves as something similar (i mean without going to the lengths of re-training as a plumber)? if so what did you do and did it help you find well-paid employment?

in an area where most people in the business (_ers not included, of course!) don't know what they're doing, the people employing them don't know what they want and their clients don't know what they need, and with an industry whos value has dropped through the floor how do you go about building a career that follows an upwards curve?


ps. i saw a web production job with 'executive' in the title and a fairly extensive wish list attatched to it going for just 18k only a couple of weeks ago!

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It certainly seems like a lot of suites. At least you are
getting interviews though. I've been looking for a web design role
since the start of the year. I havent had one interview yet! I must
be doing something wrong...

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