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[_] Rejection reaons..

Liz liz at
Wed Jun 4 15:46:07 BST 2003

Wednesday, June 4, 2003, 3:15:18 PM, Nick wrote:

NI> All this talk of weddings....something for the boys..

NI> Did anyone see that girl called Imogen Bailey on R:I:S:E this morning. She
NI> may have a teen-pop-record out, but until Liz announced she was getting
NI> married, she was all I'd been thinking about, whilst trying to write
NI> qualitative research reports.The site is ,
NI> and it may be mildly more interesting than thinking of your parents at your
NI> wedding. If you can't find any pictures there, a quick search will reveal
NI> her to you.

Sadly I am not as attractive as Imogen Bailey. I may have larger
boobs, but I also have larger everything else.. Not necessarily in
equal proportions. But then, Im probably well over 10 years older.

Best regards,
Liz (mailto:liz at