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[_] Weird image size reports

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Wed Jun 4 15:24:01 BST 2003

Graphic Converter will do that for you under 'batch'. I take it the images are full colour, and many differnt colours? They should be smaller than 80k, more like 10-15k.

> We have been doing a fair amount of work optimising some images for a
>webstore and have come across a load of images that are 72 dpi 60% jpgs
>(around 2-300 px square) but are reporting as around 80Kb when Graphic
>Converter claims that they should be 5kb ish.
>Anyone recognise this error? Graphic Converter claims that they can be
>smaller if we save without resourceforks. As we have over 700 odd images, is
>there any way we bulk convert them to real file sizes?
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