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[_] Rejection reaons..

Richard Moore richard at
Wed Jun 4 14:36:01 BST 2003

> Hmm... damn free email! Talk21 has all my details, I've
> just checked. The best I can do is add a signature I'm
> afraid. Just call me Mr. X, Power X.

> Taxi to Horfield!

Assuming you are using a browser and their bespoke interface
to retrieve your mail, you really don't have to - oh no,no,no!
You can set up Outlook (ducks) or an alegedly superior e-mail
client to handle your mail with Talk21 and thereby customise
your options. I know this as I did it for the outlaws but can't
for the life of me remember the settings.

Did a quick Google and WHSmith kindly tell you how to do it