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[_] Beatles beat massive attack.

Liz liz at
Wed Jun 4 10:56:01 BST 2003

Wednesday, June 4, 2003, 10:39:51 AM, Andy wrote:

AG> When I was listening to Radio Bristol on the way to work, they
AG> basically gave the impression that Liverpool won the Capital of Culture
AG> because it's more of a shit hole and therefore needs the investment to
AG> improve. That seemed a bit harsh, but could be true?

Ive heard a few things like that in my time.. One guy got a promotion,
bonus and payrise after screwing something up.. the excuse I was given
as to why he got it was "he was worried about money".. hmm..

Id believe it personally, Liverpool itself isnt bad to look at as a
whole, but, given a bit of money it would be better, but you need to
do more than paint it a bit etc to fix some of the other issues.

Cheltenham for example nearly always wins the <place> in bloom of the
year, because basically every lamp post, bin and area gets flowers
shoved in it for the time in question. So it looks great, but in the
end, its no better than any of the other areas the rest of the year.

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