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[_] Usability Testing With the Elderly

Iain Harrison underscore at
Tue Jun 3 19:13:00 BST 2003

On Tuesday, June 3, 2003 3:14:14 PM Jake wrote:

> How about:
> they've already visited the page and want to visit a page it links to
> (without having to listen to all of the text again)?

Can't they bookmark?

> Or:
> they listen to the first couple of lines of a page, get bored but know
> there'll be other pages it links to that are more interesting?

And how do they know the links will be more interesting?

> The point about usability and accessibility testing is about finding out
> how people actually use something rather than assuming we (the
> designers) know. Anyone know of anyone who uses a screen reader?

I know three.

> I'd be
> curious to know whether it's a feature that actually *does* get used.

Not as far as I know, but three people is hardly representative.


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