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[_] The meaning of the word blag (trinity website)

Liz liz at
Mon Jun 2 20:54:01 BST 2003

Monday, June 2, 2003, 8:33:45 PM, Ben wrote:

BE> It has become clear to me that those answering my email message about the
BE> trinity community center are not aware of what the word blag means. OK,
BE> its slang but I here it a lot in Bristol (maybe its the company I am keeping).

BE> "blag v. To wheedle something for free, in a context like "I managed to
BE> blag a ride to work" ..., derived from the French "blague", meaning a tall
BE> story.".

Was gonna say thats what blag means to me too, however perhaps they
thought it was typo for blog?

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