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Mon Jun 2 14:30:02 BST 2003

Monday, June 2, 2003, 2:15:23 PM, Darren wrote:

DB> I can see how that could be stressful near W day, but don't sweat it. Go
DB> to the Half Price Jewlers and pick one up for a fiver to use on your
DB> wedding day, no one will know the difference except you.

Except they are a pair.... and cost a stinking fortune!!

DB> You'll have your real ring for ages (once it fits) a few more days
DB> without it won't hurt

I wouldnt mind but its around 3 or 4 sizes too small, and it is the
size that fitted when we were in the shop, Ive always had fingers that
do this, but, of course if they had come in when they said, there
would have been time to sort it out.

Its just kinda the last thing you need really after all, if it was his
that didnt fit, its acceptible for a bloke not to have one..

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