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[_] Flash Animators

Ed Walker ed at
Mon Jun 2 12:23:00 BST 2003

There is a possibility that there will be freelance work on a project ran by
MWR (where I am working) on a historical website.

The company may be looking to build a team of Flash animators who can work
with curators to build 'scenes' for a major website to be launched next
year. The current design firm that is doing this may not be working on the
project much longer and at the moment the company is looking for CV's of
talented designer/animators who can create interactive narrative in Flash.

The company is looking to form a team of 4-6 animators who would need to
possibly work in London for a time or be at least flexible about travelling.

The kick off would be around mid to end of June and the contract would be
for 6 months.

Send your CV and example urls to at

please point any questions to him... I know nothing more...