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Sun Jun 1 16:02:00 BST 2003

Hi Iain,

@1-Jun-2003, 15:32 Iain Harrison [IH] in
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IH> I have to admit that it is OK as an IRC system, but the added
IH> security and lack of need for a server makes it a wonderful
IH> tool.

Okay, but there is an alternative. The JAJC Jabber client. Okay, it
needs a server, but the Jabber servers are maturing nicely. Add gthe
cross-platform features and it's pretty good. It allows you to use
PGP to encrypt the IM chatting.

IH> Add in the file transfer facilities, and it is even better.

That's not working well in JAJC yet... well, I'm not sure if it is
or not. These file exchanges always go pants on me because of the
proxy I use.

IH> It's a pity there is no way to revoke keys, but as long as you
IH> only share among trusted colleagues or friends, I can see a
IH> zillion uses for it.

That's the beauty of using PGP to add an encryption layer to a
chat. All of the key publishing and revocation is taken care of
before you start.

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