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David Elliott david at
Wed May 29 11:01:01 BST 2002

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Greetings mike

On 29 May 2002 at 10:21:52 +0100 (which was 10:21 where I live) mike
karthauser thoughtfully wrote the following

>>> I got a full link in 5.0.3 on Mac - even though i expected i wouldn't...

>> That is more to with the way that MAC's handle URL's.

> So is it the Mac breaks the link so its broken for everyone else - apart
> from Mac - or is it poor implementation on everything other than the Mac
> version of OLE?

The link is broken by the email client which auto wraps the message at
76/77. So it is broken for every one.

(I hate email clients that change things i.e. what you see is not what you

The intelligent thing that the MAC does is understand the URL over two
lines. (I am saying this even though I don't have one in front of me moment
so I am just saying that from memory)

> In the same way you can get a hyperlink in outlook win2k/plain text by
> just typing rather than

My email client high light's both as links.

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