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[_] data warehousing, mdc

Alejandro Fernandez ale at
Tue May 21 12:54:00 BST 2002


I'm doing some high end stats work, and figuring out how to put the
results into a database. The problem is currently specifying the data in
such a way as to permit cross referencing of data, and to minimise
repetition of data, bit like normalization.

So I've been suggested using the mega table approach of "mdc" - or multi
dimensional cubes... I know this is not generally something people know,
but I wonder if someone could point me to some resource or other where I
could find out more about this, and figure out wether to switch to this
from my current bunch of little hash tables, or if this new fangled mdc
dwh thing is just a waste of time...

Thanks to anyone with even vague clues!


Alejandro Fernandez
Electronic Group Interactive