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[_] Not quite new media...

Peter Marshall peter at
Tue May 21 10:27:01 BST 2002

Just knowing you're there gives me a lovely warm feeling - or did I just spill my coffee?


Met the ex head of SAP sales Europe who told me that the running order of slides for any presentation was:

1.  Welcome
2.  People here today are ....
3.  SAP is the most expensive ERP system on the market, and implementation costs = SAP license cost x 10
4.  Still interested?

Got to hand it to them though, they still seem to be going great guns making inroads into the services sector, as any listeners from Lloyds TSB will no doubt have seen.

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Hi Peter

On 21 May 2002 at 09:40:40 +0100 (which was 09:40 where I live) Peter
Marshall emanated these words of wisdom

> We've been asked to do some work with SAP

I send you my sympathies (but sorry no help).

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