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[_] Annoying Hardware Issue

Stephen Roome stephen_roome at
Mon May 20 18:46:00 BST 2002

On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 12:05:17PM -0400, Chris Ashurst wrote:
> Howdy howdy.
> Okay, i'm new to the list, but that doesn't mean you can flame me or anything.
> Anyway, i'm having trouble with a little box here... Whenever it powers up, it doesn't find the hard disk.
> I've opened the box up, yanked the hard drive out so it's still attached to the power cable and the data cable, and witnessed power going to the disk, because there's a little green LED on it that turns on when the machine is switched on. However, after that the disk does not do anything else, and the machine goes eerily silent as it says "Operating System Not Found".
> I'm basically looking for a second opinion on what's wrong with it. I think it's the power supply being old and cruddy, or the disk being old and cruddy.

Hi, a little more precise information would be really helpful, so I'll
just ask some questions: 

First off, I'm assuming that this is a PC (from the "Operating System
Not Found")!

So, some questions for you:
	1) What does the BIOS tell you ?
	2) Do you know how to get into the BIOS setup program ?
	3) Where/When did you get this "little box" ?
	4) What is this "little box", hardware model etc.
	5) Have you had it working before ?
	6) Have you still got a warranty/guarantee on it ?	

My first guess is that you've not told the BIOS about the disk, you don't
want to know what my second guess is yet...

Good luck though,


P.S. It would be nice if you could format your email to something like
72 characters per line, but maybe I'm just a pedant and everyone else
wants you to send it in HTML or word format this week...