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[_] Re: More star wars hype??

rik rik_green at
Mon May 20 17:54:00 BST 2002

I heard that he had an outline script for the first 3 but soon realised that
episode IV onwards was going to be the most *interesting* i.e. marketable.
Subsequently he has now had to pad out the prequels, which is why they are
thin on the ground story wise completely and full of inconsistencies.....
apparently he has plans for 3 more films for the story after "the return of
the Jedi"...but unless he wakes up and smells the yoda, I can't see this

I did enjoy Episode 2 that said - the visuals are outstanding and the yoda
fight did make me laugh :) I even went out and bought Episode 1 thinking
maybe it wasn't that bad.... bad move... its well crap compared to Episode 2


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> >>Is anyone else of the opinion that Lucas made up all this Episode 4 =
> >>Wars stuff after the first one showed signs of being a success ??
> >
> >I think the famous rolling credits at the beginning said 'Episode
> >IV'. My memory may be flawed though. It was, after all, long ago...
> :-)
> I was discussing this with a mate last week. He believed that George
> did make up the "it's a series" thing after the success of 1977.
> Maybe the "Episode IV" was added to later prints? Certainly the books
> only became bestsellers after the success of the film. Wasn't Star
> Wars also the first film to show the power of merchandising?
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