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[_] customised editable text area

David Waters d.waters at
Thu May 16 09:50:00 BST 2002

Ah, that'll be the line breaks in the email, the 'lor.htm' bit should be
on the same line, but something here, in between or there, has split it.

Side point - this is something that I've been hacked off with for a
while. Why the hell aren't email clients smart enough to run a URL onto
a second line? Browsers can do it, Word does it, my phone does it, yet
Outlook (and pretty much most email clients I've seen) can't handle it
and split it up, usually giving a 404. Considering some email clients
can perfectly render HTML (bleh!) emails, why can't they cope with one
measly link in a simple text HTML?

Conversely, why the heck do some browsers not let you paste multi-line
URLs into the address bar? This aggravates the problem above because it
forces you to type the remainder of the URL in manually.

Two good cases of technology making things harder...

Anyhows, adding the lor.htm bit and it should work fine. :o)


Dave (W)

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404 here

best regards,
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