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Stephen Roome stephen_roome at
Tue May 7 19:52:00 BST 2002

On Tue, May 07, 2002 at 03:28:15PM +0100, Tim Brayshaw wrote:
> At 15:00 07/05/2002, Jaya Chakrabarti wrote:
> >If the CVs also contained an indication of when they were last validated
> >(i.e. it gets dropped unless an email is sent from the owner confirming
> >that the details are correct - every week or fortnight) then you have a
> >more reliable, auto-pruning system.
> At 15:04 07/05/2002, Stuart Gallemore wrote:
> >Why not simply provide links to freelancer's/applicant's own CV sites - 
> >that way if the info is old it's their own fault and it makes the list 
> >much easier - just store name, area of expertise and URL.
> At 15:05 07/05/2002, Tim Beadle wrote:
> >We've coded something similar here, and we set a 3-month expiry date on
> >all CVs. When the expiry date approaches, the user is mailed to inform
> >them that they need to reactivate their CV if they wish it to remain
> >displayed on the site, otherwise it disappears from view (but isn't
> >deleted). This ensures that the data quality remains high(-ish: you
> >can't account for people who want a job as a guitar player or an airline
> >pilot. It's a *physics* site for Pete's sake...).
> At 15:06 07/05/2002, Rick Edwards wrote:
> >Couldn't you just set a time limit on cv's, ca. three months ?  If the
> >record has not been updated within a specific time period then a
> >background script simply deletes them (or marks them as not visible in
> >case they needed to be retrieved) from the database. This way the
> >responsibility is placed back into the hands of the cv-holder with
> >little admin overhead for the database as a whole.
> okay, it *is* do-able, but i remain skeptical, pessimistic, and hung-over ;)

Two thougts :


In superbly specified HTML, there's ***supposedly*** a meta tag for
this... *sigh* like this is going to work...

<META name="Expires" content="Tue  7 May 2002 19:17:06 BST">

I guess most browsers might ignore it, but caches probably don't.

Apparently webservers  should also add an http expiration header with:

<META http-equiv="Expires" content="Tue  7 May 2002 19:17:06 BST">

but apache 2.0.16_1 doesn't seem to though, and I've not got IIS to
test.  (is that a webserver or just a security hole though ? ;) )
Apache 2 uses mod_expires and :

ExpiresByType text/html "modification plus 5 hours 3 minutes"
ExpiresByType cv/doc "modifcation plus USER_DEFINED_TIME_PERIOD"

and that bring me on to...


The date ought to be user definable. One might like my CV to expire
after 6, 12, 3 or even one month or less, at which point I'd get my
email reminding me that I'd set my CV to expire, or perhaps I'd set it
to expire after 3 months but notify me if I ever leave it changed for
less than 1 month. Everyone has a different set of circumstances and
there are some people out there who might not need or want to change
their CV's for a number of years.

Personally I'm fed up of agents who ask me if I'm still at <insert
a company I worked for five years ago>

I suppose it really raises the question of why we don't all put an
expiry date on CV's and all our other documents anyway. [HP started to
enforce this in the last audit that was going on while i was there
last year, damn sensible!]


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