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neil smith neil at
Tue May 7 16:22:01 BST 2002

Yeah, really high volume, 2-3 a week! Which list are you on?
Still a good implementation I thought, tho I guess they have the validation 
problem too.

>Not local, but have a look at
>(Just avoid the incredibly high volume mailing list)

The contact area for projects and jobs is ok, but it seems to disappear 
into a black hole, with often no direct contact details for the employer or 
project, and no feedback on what happens after you send your cv.

>Why not simply provide links to freelancer's/applicant's own CV sites -
>that way if the info is old it's their own fault and it makes the list
>much easier - just store name, area of expertise and URL.

Though still no indication of when it was modified. Oh, hang on. Directory 
listing shows lastmod date. Well, if anbody wants a bookmark ...

Neil Smith.


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