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Tom Gidden gid at
Tue May 7 16:12:01 BST 2002

On Tuesday, May 7, 2002, at 03:32  pm, Rich Wootten wrote:

>  From a Recruitment Consultant point of view.
> The CV database would be good however, I can't vouch for other agencies 
> but,
> we meet most of our candidates, all are referenced and when we get a new
> role in we will try to find people who have worked for us before. 
> Would a
> database give you that? Would you leave a vital project in the hands of
> someone that you don't know?

A few months back I had a long chat with a recruitment consultant friend 
of mine.  He said that a large proportion of his time was spent cutting 
and pasting from CVs done as Word documents into their database.

I had just marked up my CV as XML, using a rich custom-written DTD.   I 
pointed out that it would be relatively easy to write a system where 
jobs AND CVs were marked up in XML and a simple bit of code could filter 
the two against each other.

Current job searches use keywords, which are inherently unreliable.  
Marking up both requests (jobs) and responses (CVs) in a semantically 
rich format allows a mechanical matching.

This would make the role of applicant AND agent/employer a lot easier, 
although it would probably put a few people out of work. =)


Tom Gidden
Litebase Solutions Ltd.