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[_] Re: OT: Sharp Zaurus

John Clapham john_clapham at
Wed Jun 26 11:09:01 BST 2002

> But, but, but.. this is running Linux it _can't_ be crap :)
Agreed.  I think any PDA running a well known/documented OS is good, but
linux units probably have the edge because free software reduces cost to the
end user, and evolves quickly.

I've got an Agenda, the first production Linux PDA.  It rules.  You don't
need to mess about with Sync software - just NFS mount it and stroll into
the file system or, rlogin into it and play about to your hearts content.

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> On Tue, 2002-06-25 at 16:52, Seth Bunton-Stasyshyn wrote:
> > Oh yeah and the crappy (low contrast)TFTs in the Gameboy Advance are
> > manufactured by sharp. See they make crap products.
> But, but, but.. this is running Linux it _can't_ be crap :)
> ;D
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